Eemax provides ASPE CEUs

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Waterbury, Conn. — Eemax, Inc., Eemax strives to be top CEU provider.  Last year Eemax Inc. provided over 1,200 ASPE CEUs through its Reach Out and Grow program. The program showed so much success for providing CEUs that this year it is set to start May 1st. Education has become a key element for Eemax and the company has put the Reach Out and Grow program in the front lines.

Cliff Reis Managing Director of ASPE commented, “Educating plumbing industry professionals is a top priority for ASPE, and we are very pleased that Eemax shares this goal and has provided so many ASPE members with training and CEU credits to maintain their Certified in Plumbing Design designation.”

Jens Bolleyer, VP of Marketing at Eemax, had this to say, “Eemax are the proven experts in water heating. Our ASPE training courses are a great way to share that expertise.“

Eemax provides classes including:

•  “Rethinking water heating, the application of Electric Tankless Water Heaters in buildings”

•  ”Legionella: How to Reduce the Risk with Water Heating Systems”

Eemax is also in the process of creating a Tepid Water class teaching efficient methods of providing tepid water and how to reduce the risk of non-compliance.

If you want to learn more about the Reach Out and Grow program please email

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