Eemax provides approved training sessions

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Waterbury, Conn. — Eemax, Inc., a leader in commercial and residential electric tankless heaters, adds new training sessions through ASPE.

In 2012, over 1,000 engineers and contractors completed training sessions that earned them ASPE CEU credits through Eemax. Eemax's “Reach Out & Grow” programs success in 2012 lead the way to adding a new, ASPE approved, training session for the 2013 campaign. Eemax and ASPE are continuing to push forward together to make education an integral part of the industry,

As part of the ASPE training program, Eemax offers two sessions that qualify for CEU credits:

– Rethinking Water Heating, the application of electric tankless water heaters in buildings

– Legionella, how to reduce risk with water heating systems

“Adding a new course renews our commitment to specifiers.” said Jens Bolleyer, VP of Marketing for Eemax. “The 2012 campaign proves that the engineering community looks to us as experts in water heating, and we expect that our partnership with ASPE will result in us training even more engineers in 2013.”

The 2013 “Reach Out & Grow” campaign is scheduled to start in June. Engineers interested in earning CEU credit through one of Eemax's classes should visit and fill out the form.

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