Ecobee Launches New Smart Phone App

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ecobee Inc., makers of the award-winning EMS (Energy Management System) and EMS Si Wi-Fi thermostats announced the launch of their new commercial smart phone application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Providing added convenience, the new App will allow ecobee customers to monitor and control an unlimited number of ecobee EMS and EMS Si thermostats in multiple locations, from anywhere.ecobee EMS and EMS Si wireless thermostats offer a cost-effective, centralized solution to monitor and control a building’s heating and cooling system—at the fraction of the price of a full-scale Building Automation System. Thousands of school districts, worship facilities, quick service restaurants, retail facilities, and government buildings have been able to realize significant cost and energy savings with ecobee EMS and EMS Si thermostats.

“The new EMS App was developed in partnership with our commercial customers who range from HVAC contractors and distributors, to facility managers and business owners,” said Stuart Lombard, ecobee’s President and CEO. He continued, “During the development process, our customers’ told us that their biggest challenges included high demands on their time, responding to a large percentage of unwarranted service calls, and dealing with repeat occurrences at one or more facilities. These challenges resulted in wasted productivity and unnecessary costs.”
The EMS App was developed to address these challenges and to provide ecobee customers with a simple and easy way to monitor and control all of their EMS and EMS Si Wi-Fi thermostats while on the go. “The EMS App allows users to be more responsive to their tenants, employees and customers, identify and address problems quickly, decrease the number of unnecessary and expensive on-site service calls, and increase their overall efficiency,” said Lombard. “Our customers played an integral role in helping us design this commercial App that addresses their business needs, and delivers an outstanding user experience.”

With the ecobee EMS App, customers can create a custom “Watch List” of thermostats to quickly keep tabs on priority spaces, and locations with repeat issues. The “Alerts” list summarizes all current issues and maintenance actions, allowing customers to address problems immediately. Additionally, the App provides customers with visibility into each of their ecobee thermostats, and enables them to make simple adjustments to ensure their facilities are comfortable when occupied, and saving energy and money when they’re not.

The ecobee EMS Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry are now available to download for free.

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