Duravit Offers 2013 Bathroom Trends

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According to the American Institute of Architects’ 2012 Home Design Trends Survey, interest has grown in designing homes with more open space and programmatic flexibility to provide a less formalized setting created for the individual lifestyle preferences of the homeowner. Always a key area for renovation, people are now looking to the bathroom as much more than a space for cleaning and grooming. Rather, it is fast evolving to become a main focus of the home, one where wellness, hygiene, technology, and relaxation seamlessly blend together. From the implementation of high tech features to the use of color and natural materials, Duravit has created a wide range of beautiful and functional products, which are setting trends in the bathroom.

Human’s react to the spaces they inhabit. It is no surprise then that designers are building spaces and products that both indirectly and directly affect human wellness. Whether it be the design of an ergonomic chair that supports posture or the creation of an aesthetically pleasing space as a means of promoting health and long life, wellness and design certainly overlap. When it comes to the bathroom, Duravit presents a host of products designed to promote health and wellbeing. Notably, the SensoWash C shower-toilet designed by Philippe Starck, a fusion of toilet and bidet with multiple wash and dry features, brings a new level of hygiene and comfort to the bathroom.

The Hi-Tech Bath
Bathrooms are all about functionality, but recently, the bathroom seems to be about more. From in-shower sound systems to water saving features to personalized toilet and shower settings, there is a clear trend toward designing bathrooms with extra comfort and luxury experience in mind. The bathroom becomes the new living room, complete with lavish furnishings and high-tech accessories. But technology in the bath doesn’t have to mean excess.

Universal Design
Universal Design describes the concept of designing products and the built environment to be both visually appealing and usable to the greatest extent by everyone- regardless of age, size, or ability. In a world where we can’t afford any waste, universal design is certainly a trending topic. When it comes to the bathroom, Duravit’s Onto Collection stands out as a leader in this trend. Onto takes Duravit’s initiative to make a new level of design accessible for all bathrooms one step further. The design of the Onto tub especially embodies universal design- in addition to the standard-size models available, two tubs in the collection stand out for their unusual dimensions, which serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Design For Semi-Public Spaces
Universal Design is the trending topic in the design world, and Duravit reinterprets this trend for the semi-public restroom by designing high quality products with a striking aesthetic to be used by the general public. Duravit’s focus on the semi-public environment merges the company’s signature high-level of design and quality with the code requirements, efficiency of installation, and ease of maintenance that are necessary for commercial applications.

Somewhere between bathtub, jacuzzi, and pool are Duravit’s Blue Moon and Sundeck pools, which lead a recent popular trend in home design- designing products that work both inside and out.
Indoor/Outdoor furniture has been heralded by designers for its versatility for some time now. Blue Moon and Sundeck are champions of such versatility- featuring the highest level of elegance and refinement, capable of making a statement as a part of the most luxurious bathrooms, though also functional and durable enough to enable them to not only survive, but to thrive in the great outdoors.

Designing for Small Spaces
A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. The latest trend in home design is creating products that save space. According to the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), “In the next ten years people will live in smaller spaces.” With smaller spaces comes the need for more smartly designed products. Susan G Doban of Brooklyn-based Doban Architecture, emphasizes “Carefully selected fixtures and accessories take center stage in a small bathroom where every decision not only counts but can be appreciated.”

Duravit leads this trend for the bathroom, designing luxury bathroom furniture in small packages. Duravit’s OpenSpace shower particularly stands out. Designed by EOOS specifically with small spaces in mind, OpenSpace is composed of a shower partition, which can be folded away and transformed into a discreet mirrored wall panel that tidily conceals tap fittings, shower attachments, shower gels and shampoos. Also not to be missed when it comes to big design in small packages are the company’s discreet Vero Handrinse basins. Starting at 10″ x 18″, the Handrinse basins are perfectly sized for the half bath or powder room where beauty with functionality is top priority.

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