Don't miss the next Coffee w/Caleffi: Fluid Quality and Its Consequences in Hydronic Systems

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Caleffi's complimentary educational series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online product training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.

Join Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr and Guest Speaker Jeff Persons of Geo Source One, Inc. tomorrow at 12 noon CST (check local time). Jeff will share his knowledge of fluid quality in hydronic systems and discuss these issues:

– What are the problems commonly seen in hydronic and GEO systems?
– What are various fluid treatments and conditioners and their purposes?
– Is alkalinity and pH level a concern? If so, when?
– What can happen when hard water is used for filling a closed hydronic system?
– What steps should be taken when filling and purging?
– What particular problems happen in ground-loop side of the GEO heat exchanger?
– Which components should be included in every system for trouble-free operation?

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