Discover Smatrix Pulse — A Multizone Wireless Radiant and Air-Side Control System

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Introducing the newest dimension of smart home technology. Smatrix Pulse is the industry’s first multizone wireless control for managing both radiant and air-side systems in a home.

Designed for single-family residences in new construction, retrofit, and remodel applications, Smatrix Pulse provides connection to a smart home assistant for voice-activated control and allows remote control anywhere with Internet via the Smatrix Pulse App, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

With Smatrix Pulse, you can install faster and easier without the hassle of thermostat wires, and the wireless thermostats have a maximum distance of 98 ft. (30 m) from the controller for use in most any residential radiant project.

The Smatrix Pulse App features an Installation Wizard, which requires no Internet connection, and helps walk you through the installation process step by step. And the system’s innovative auto-balancing technology eliminates the need for manual balancing, adding even greater installation efficiencies while also providing faster system reaction times and greater energy savings for homeowners.

The control system includes one or multiple controllers, an optional communication module (for Internet and smart home connectivity), an antenna (for systems without Internet or smart home connectivity), an expansion module, a relay module, digital thermostats, mini sensors, and actuators.

A single controller configures up to six thermostats, eight actuators, and one remote relay using local networks. Adding an expansion module adds six more thermostats, eight more actuators, and one more remote relay to the controller. For extremely large residences, a controller with antenna can connect up to four controllers and expansion modules for a total of 48 zones.

To learn how Smatrix Pulse can provide your radiant projects with greater installation efficiencies and system performance, visit

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