Discover Next Level Tankless: Infiniti® GS & GR Tankless Water Heaters

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Your customer wants tankless for good reason. They never want to run out of hot water again! The Infiniti® GS and Infiniti® GR from Bradford White deliver high performance and efficiency with long-lasting reliability thanks to a robust stainless steel heat exchanger.

The Infiniti® GS offers the energy-efficiency, high-performance and cutting-edge features you and your customers expect. It includes a robust stainless steel heat exchanger for longer life and can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. The Infiniti® GS delivers powerful performance including 11:1 turndown, high GPM output of 5.1 GPM at a 77°F rise and a high temperature setting up to 180° F. It is ENERGY STAR® certified at .95 UEF, is available in natural gas or propane and is cascadable up to 16 units.

The Infiniti® GR features the advanced technology of the Infiniti® GS plus the addition of a recirculating pump to provide instant hot water even at the farthest faucet. The recirculating pump is designed to provide maximum convenience and efficiency.

Give your customers outstanding tankless performance with the Infiniti® GS, and even faster hot water delivery with a built-in recirculation pump with the Infiniti® GR, from Bradford White.


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