DEWALT Self-Leveling 3-Beam Laser Pointer

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The DW083K is ideal for users on commercial jobsites who need to perform framing, electrical and mechanical alignment and door and window installation applications. The durable 3-Beam Laser Pointer includes a rubber overmold housing and a high-impact plastic base to withstand tough jobsite conditions. The tool is water-resistant, dust proof (IP 54) and features a 1 ¾ inch clearance from the bottom beam to the floor. The distance from the nose/front of the laser to the top beam is ¾ inch, which corresponds to the marks on a measuring tape making it easy to check a wall or vertical structure for plumb. The new DW083K contains the integrated magnetic pivoting bracket that is currently used on the DW089 and DW087 line lasers. The pivoting bracket is positioned on the bottom of the tool to set the down dot clearance for drywall track installation. The pivoting bracket also allows the laser pointer to be mounted onto metal surfaces and to rotate for alignment of the horizontal dot.

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