DEWALT 12V MAX*/20V MAX** Charger / Radio DCR015

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This DCR015 provides a convenient charging solution for our 12V MAX* and 20V MAX** battery lines packaged in a durable, versatile radio with a full range of sound.

The charger / radio has many features including a 360 degree roll cage, integrated battery charger, device storage box with AUX and USB ports, and two AC power outlets.  

A 360 degree roll cage with shock absorbers helps to provide protection from rough jobsite conditions.  The DCR015 charges 12V MAX* and 20V MAX** DEWALT battery packs while plugged into an AC power source.  The radio also has the ability to run off of a 12V MAX* or 20V MAX** battery when disconnected from AC power, allowing it to run off of a rechargeable and reusable power source.

The charger / radio provides additional versatility with its integrated devise storage box with AUX and USB ports.  The AUX (auxiliary) port allows you to connect a CD, MP3, Portable Satellite Receiver, and other digital audio devices to play through the radio amplifier and speakers. The USB port touts the ability to charge a USB compatible electronic device while the charger / radio is plugged into AC power.  The unit includes woofers and tweeters to provide a full range of high and low sounds and an efficient class D amplifier.

To personalize this charger / radio, users will be able to enter DEWALT’s Ultimate Radio Playlist Contest – 2013 on Facbook®. Restrictions apply.  For contest details, on April 1, 2013 go to

Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty, the DCR015 will be available in distribution starting April 1, 2013.  The charger / radio is expected to retail at $179.00

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