Danfoss Climate Solutions Introduces the Optyma™ Cooler

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Designed for fast and easy installation, the Optyma™ Cooler is a compact and efficient unit cooler for walk-in cooler and freezer applications

The Optyma™ Cooler, the latest offering from Danfoss Climate Solutions, is specifically designed for quick and easy installation and high efficiency. This unit cooler features unique cross-rifling inside the heat exchanger tubing, maximizing air turbulence. A maintenance-free, factory-balanced variable-speed capable fan motor comes standard, ensuring high efficiency and food safety. Maintenance is easy thanks to the powder-coated aluminum-magnesium alloy for a corrosion-resistant, durable, smooth, cleanable surface and extended cabinet lifetime.

Users can get the most out of Optyma™ Cooler with the Coolselector2 app available for smartphones and tablets. Coolselector2 allows for easy optimization with other Danfoss walk-in products such as Optyma outdoor and indoor condensing units, electronic room controllers, and many other Danfoss components.

Other highlighted features include:

  • Highly secure stainless-steel slotted brackets in both front and back
  • Extra robust factory-fixed drain fitting
  • Unique electric defrost coil design with coil-embedded heaters for fast and efficient defrost
  • Wide capacity range with 6 FPI and 4 FPI, low/medium and high-profile models available
  • Industry-leading warranty

“The Optyma™ Cooler is manufactured to the highest worldwide quality standard, based on decades of design and development experience,” said Douglas Custodio, Optyma™ Cooler product manager. “Its compact and powerful design provides maximum performance to ensure efficient and reliable operation.”

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