Daikin McQuay Rebrands to Daikin

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Minneapolis — Daikin McQuay is making a big move in the North American market, as it looks toward the future under a new brand – Daikin. The manufacturer will do business as Daikin Applied, harnessing the global capabilities of its parent company, Daikin Industries.

When Daikin purchased McQuay International in 2006, the company began incorporating many of the attributes and innovations that made Daikin the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer. Since that time, McQuay International (now Daikin Applied) has transformed itself from the top down with new management, new technologies and now, a name change that signals a strong commitment from Daikin Industries.

“We’re excited about our future and our new approach to the market,” said Martin Sierra, vice president, strategic marketing at Daikin Applied. “With the Daikin name, we will continue to fully leverage the global knowledge and expertise of our parent company to benefit North American customers. This means being able to access the world’s very best resources and to provide our customers with the latest technological advancements that meet their HVAC needs – something only the market leader can deliver.”

Daikin Applied remains committed to its long-standing customer relationships established under the McQuay International brand and intends to draw upon global expertise, ideas and resources to continue to advance technologies in the North American HVAC market. Under Daikin’s influence, the company has developed industry-leading products that provide some of the highest efficiencies and lowest operating costs in their class. These products include, but aren’t limited to, Magnitude magnetic bearing chillers, Pathfinder air cooled chillers, Rebel rooftop units and SmartSource water source heat pumps.

For more information about Daikin Applied, visit: www.DaikinApplied.com.

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