Cordless Lights 101

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The terms cordless and rechargeable often refer to the same types of lights. These lights don’t need to be plugged into a power source to work. They can be battery operated, which is a bit more expensive to maintain since you need to keep replacing the batteries. Or they can be rechargeable, meaning that they contain a battery that you recharge using a power cable. 

Flashlights have been around for ages, so this shouldn’t be a new concept, but the cordless work lights used nowadays supersede the capabilities of the flashlights we grew up with.

What to Look for in a Cordless Light

What you intend to use in your light will ultimately determine what functions and specifications you should consider when shopping for one. For example, a plumber’s light would need to be smaller than a light that a builder would use – although there is no written rule on which lights are for which jobs.

Brightness and Adjustability

Look for work lights with adjustable lumen output settings if you require a light source that offers various brightness levels. As a result, the light may be adjusted for the ideal level of brightness based on the environment.

Power Source

Most LED lights are portable and run on rechargeable batteries. In general, cordless lights are more portable, lighter, and smaller. Some LED work lights have rechargeable and corded AC power options. 

When an AC supply is unavailable, they offer a constant power source and the portability of a cordless light and are typically found on LEDs with a greater lumen output of 8,000+.

IP Ratings

Look for cordless lights that are water-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof because these are the two factors that frequently harm electrical equipment. The terms “waterproof” and “dustproof” don’t necessarily indicate the same thing for any equipment. Look for the light’s ingress protection rating (IP rating).

A light that has an IP67 rating is completely dustproof and capable of withstanding being immersed for up to 30 minutes in water up to 3.3 feet deep. However, a lamp with an IP65 certification indicates that it is protected against dust and low-pressure spray, such as from a nozzle.

You can also look into other things like battery life indicators, magnetic bases, power banks, tripods, and stands. 

Types of Cordless Lights

In theory, a flashlight is a type of cordless light and works in a similar way, but that’s not where it ends; there are many different types and specifications. 

Hanging Hooks

There are cordless lights available with swivel hooks and single hanging hooks. These swivel hooks can pivot 360 degrees. This makes it possible to utilize devices entirely hands-free. The hooks are useful for mounting the light anywhere you want for immediate lighting. The hanging hooks design is used in a wide variety of versions.

Magnetic Bases

There are several work lights available that have a magnetic base. This base’s primary goal is to provide better functionality and efficiency for these types of lights. The stand has a magnetic base, which makes it simple to hold because it can adhere to various surfaces.

Pivoting Stands

Looking out for the type of pivoting stand that it comes with is another crucial consideration when choosing battery-operated lights. These lights come with several types of stands to provide the proper ergonomic grip.

The stands allow you to place the cordless lights on the table and carry on with your job if you utilize the finest supports. You may be more productive by placing lights wherever with the best pivoting stand.

Belt Buckles

Almost all of the many work light versions include swivel belt buckles. You can connect the light to your belt and use it in various locations or move and climb as necessary. They also free up your hands so you can work.

Screw Mountings

Additionally, pay attention to the sort of screw mounting hole available. This function makes it simple to fix the light in various locations. The lights may be securely fastened using the optimum screw mounting hole.

Folding Designs

Models with folding designs are available. They fit perfectly into your toolbox, tote bag, or work belt. These foldable designs will give you the best output because you can effortlessly fold the lights and transport them wherever you go while conserving space.

Why Use Cordless Lights?

These lights may be used for various purposes, including emergencies, lighting up tiny, remote regions, homes, and businesses. Basically, cordless or rechargeable lights are vital because of their adaptability and convenience of usage.

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