Commercial-Grade Water Flow Monitoring & Plumbing Leak Detection

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The latest indoor plumbing leak technology does more than alert you when a leak occurs – it also offers valuable real-time insight into water consumption via flow monitoring.

The RSC-900-F from Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT) is a wireless, commercial-grade solution for detecting plumbing leaks and monitoring a building’s water usage trends to identify excessive water usage in real-time. If an abnormal flow is detected, the water supply is automatically shut off to prevent water damage, and an alert is sent to the property owner or manager’s smartphone so that they can address the issue.

The subscription-free RSC-900 app provides real-time and historical water consumption data and puts complete system control at a user’s fingertips. Multiple flow schedules can be set, with adjustable flow alarms that can be fine-tuned to a property’s usage patterns. The system’s shut-off valve can also be controlled remotely.

RDT leak detection systems are known for their reliable, commercial-grade components, and the RSC-900-F is no exception. It features a brass, lead-free flow sensor and self-cleaning shut-off valve built for years of reliable, continuous use, with corrosion-resistant internal sensor components, including a rust-proof, hard ferrite magnet.

The RSC-900 is a modular system that allows you to configure the perfect solution for monitoring every building’s unique water leak vulnerabilities. Add wireless point-of-contact water leak sensors and multiple shut-off valves, set up multiple leak detection “zones,” and much more. RDT’s leak detection experts are available to help engineers specify the best solution for their projects.

Visit RDT/FloodMaster at booth #1341 at the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo.

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