Classic Hydronics by Dan Holohan

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This book by Dan Holohan (Mechanical-hub Advisory Board member and Founder of is written in his own classical way of relating technical information without losing you to shear and utter boredom.  Dan weaves personal experience and stories into the technical aspects of hydronics making this an enjoyable read.  Today's plumbing & heating contractor often works in buildings many, many decades older than him/herself. The heating systems installed in these buildings can be very complex, or even simple but they all have origins rooting back to a common starting place.  His explanation of how these “classic” systems work, their origins, how they may have been changed over the years, and what can be done to get the most of out them is done in a way so that the reader will have a working knowledge and better understanding about such systems.  You're not going to be inundated with math formulas, hard to read diagrams or illustrations. Instead clear explanations of each type of classic system  along with the types of problems and easy to understand solutions will have you glad you found this literary gem.


Whether you are a seasoned wet head, have had only new construction experience or would like to learn more about hydronics as a whole, Dan's “Classic Hydronics” is a must read…and then, reread.  Each of Dan's books I own is well worn from cover to cover because I find myself constantly coming back to them for reference and entertainment. You can click the link above to navigate to Dan's site where you'll find this and many other books and materials for purchase. 

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