Carrier’s New Toshiba Carrier u-Series Variable Refrigerant Flow Line Launches

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Perfect for Virtually Any VRF Application

Carrier is proud to introduce the Toshiba Carrier u-Series – the next generation, three-phase, full line VRF equipment for commercial and large residential needs. Carrier is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

Designed to perform, the u-Series manages the heating, cooling and fresh air input into offices, K-12 schools, hotels, restaurants, and large single and multi-family housing, with connection flexibility. The new u-Series product line offers a higher capacity and extended operating range, along with an updated communication protocol and service tool. Carrier’s industry-leading innovations offer a highly flexible, industry-leading system with efficient, quiet and space-saving solutions for virtually any VRF application. ​

The Toshiba Carrier u-Series line features benefits such as:

  • Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems launching in 2024.
  • Elite Heat unit for additional heating performance.
  • Smaller footprint allowing for installations where space is limited​.
  • Flexible configurations to accommodate a diverse and expanding number of connectible indoor units​.
  • Newly developed compressors, DC triple-rotary and twin-rotary, to prioritize energy-efficiency, increased capacity, and less vibration.
  • Super-efficient heat exchangers, with an increased surface area (16 – 45%), which contribute to higher efficiency and capacity​.
  • Improved high-static pressure propeller fan performance due to a more rugged design with unique core curvature to support higher volumes of air flow and static pressure without increasing noise.

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