Carrier Launches Carbon Air Purifier with UV to Support Healthier Homes

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Dual treatment technology through carbon core and UV light to improve indoor air quality

Carrier has introduced its Carbon Air Purifier with UV as a new addition to its Healthy Homes lineup in North America. The new system delivers air purification to help reduce unwanted odors, volatile organic compounds and common household gases from indoor air. Additionally, the technology aids in the reduction of microorganism growth, including bacteria and viruses, on the evaporator coil. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

“We’re pleased to offer the Carrier Carbon Air Purifier with UV to residential customers looking for ways to improve indoor air quality,” said Todd Nolte, Managing Director, Replacement Components and Product Management, Residential HVAC, Carrier. “This offering furthers Carrier’s leadership in providing healthier, more comfortable spaces for homeowners with quick-to-install and easy-to-maintain air treatment solutions.”

The Carbon Air Purifier with UV provides dual treatment technology through a carbon core and UV light to improve indoor air quality. This new solution:

  • Aids in the reduction of microorganism, e.g., bacteria and viruses, growth on the cooling coil1 and release into the air.2
  • Reduces ozone in recirculated air.
  • Continuously treats the surface of the cooling coil with ongoing system operation.
  • Is easy to install and maintain, requiring replacement of the carbon core each year and UV bulb every 2 years.
  • Can be combined with an additional UV light for even greater surface coverage on evaporator coils.

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1. The efficacy of the Carbon Air Purifier with UV (UVCAPXXC2015) to remove Escherichia coli (>99%), Staphylococcus epidermidis (>99.9%), Coronavirus 229E (95%) and MS-2 bacteriophage (>99.99%) from treated surfaces after 24 hours was demonstrated in an ASTM E3135-18 test conducted by a third-party laboratory under ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

2. The efficacy of the Carbon Air Purifier with UV (UVCAPXXC2015) to remove a surrogate airborne pathogen, MS-2 bacteriophage, was demonstrated with a decay rate (k) of 0.162860 and Clean Air Deliver Rate (CADR) of 130.6 cfm in 60 minutes in a chamber test conducted by a third-party laboratory using a 1007 ft3 chamber with an airflow of 1,220 cfm, test temperature of 74-77°F and relative humidity of 45.1-46.6%.

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