Caleffi SEP4™

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Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, a pioneer of hydraulic separation in North America, is proud to introduce the new SEP4™ combination 4-in-1 hydraulic, air, dirt and magnetic dirt separator. The SEP4 incorporates high performance hydraulic separation, microbubble air removal, microparticle dirt removal and, because many hydronic systems have ferrous impurities which can be attracted to the permanent magnets common in modern pumps, SEP4 adds high performance ferrous particle removal. The separator incorporates a powerful removable external rare-earth magnet collar around the lower body which is easily removed to flush the impurities even with the system still operating. Four functions combined into one device minimize costs for systems requiring primary/secondary piping because there is no need to install separate air and dirt separators. The SEP4 is available in sizes 1” to 2” with union threaded or sweat connections.

For further information, please refer to the online Technical Brochure or the Caleffi website.

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