Caleffi Introduces Posi-Stop™ A Superior Union Seal

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Caleffi North America, Inc., a leader in state-of-the-art engineered solutions for hydronic and plumbing systems, is pleased to announce an advanced technology named Posi-Stop™ that incorporates an embedded O-ring into a product’s union connection. This advanced design results in a consistent and superior seal over the broad range of conditions encountered in plumbing and hydronic applications, streamlining installation and service.

When the contractor tightens the union nut, an EPDM O-ring seal compresses to a controlled value by way of a positive metal-to-metal stop. This controls the O-ring compression to a precise, repeatable value. The result? A field proven, reliable seal connection – valve, after valve, after valve, after valve.

Posi-Stop simplifies serviceability. The installer can remove, service, and reinstall the valve with the SAME union connections, optimizing service trips. The embedded O-ring provides a reliable seal to liquid and air, allowing contractors to pneumatically test systems with air in order to identify leaks before putting the system into operation.

To identify a product utilizing the Posi-Stop union connection, look for the Posi-Stop name on the product box. For more information, please visit our website at

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