Caleffi 5231 Series thermostatic mixing valves

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PR Caleffi 5231 Thermostatic Mixing ValveCaleffi introduces the new 5231 Series low-lead, high flow thermostatic mixing valve family, cUPC listed to ASSE 1017/CSA B125.3 for “point-of-distribution” applications. Designed for systems requiring high flow rates and precise, stable temperature control, the valves are IAPMO-certified low-lead brass and meet the requirements of ANSI/NSF 372-2011. The valves are used in systems producing domestic hot water or in hydronic heating systems. Their function is to maintain the temperature of the mixed water to a constant set value despite variations in the supply pressure and temperature of incoming hot and cold water.

Temperature setting and inspection is simplified with an optional outlet temperature gauge that provides a visual “proof of verification” of the mixed water temperature. The valves are easy to adjust and they maintain mixed temperature variations to +/- 3°F accuracy. The fast response, low inertia thermostatic element quickly stops water flow if there is a failure of either the hot or cold supply. Anti-scale construction materials with low friction coefficients minimize the problem of jamming caused by mineral deposits within working parts, providing long term reliability. A lockable adjustment knob safeguards the valve from tampering.

Caleffi 5231 Series brass thermostatic mixing valves are available in 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2 and 2-inch sizes with union-threaded or union-sweat end connections. Operating flow rates range from 4.4 GPM to 70 GPM. Adjustable temperature settings range from 95° to 150°F (35° to 66°C).

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