BrassCraft Zip-It® Tool

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brasscraft1BrassCraft Manufacturing is introducing its handy Zip-it® tool to plumbing contractors as a safe, reliable and cost effective way to resolve many common clogged drain problems. The Zip-It® tool is a fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow running drains. This durable plastic tool is suitable for use in many residential drains including most household sink, shower and tub drains. It is 20 inches long, with 18 inches of barbed length. Plus, it provides a better environmentally-friendly option for users – no need to use any harsh chemicals.

“Zip-It® could save the contractor time and is easy to use; it’s always worth a try on a clogged drain. Every contractor should have one of these in his tool box and keep a ready supply on his truck,” says Charles Pryde, Channel Marketing Director, BrassCraft Manufacturing. A slow sink drain can be fixed in 10 minutes or less (including clean up) with no tools other than Zip-It®. There usually is no need to remove the stopper. Just open the drain stopper all the way, turn on the water, insert the Zip-It® and then remove it slowly. Use it once, and then throw it away.

“Not only is Zip-It® a great tool, but because it is so easy to use and so effective, we are recommending that plumbers consider it as a promotional item for their customers,” adds Pryde. “It can be a great calling card and a simple way to build good will.” BrassCraft Manufacturing offers high quality gas connectors, water heater connectors, water stops and flexible water connectors built to last for the long run – designed, machined and assembled in the USA. With facilities in Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Texas,

BrassCraft Manufacturing continues to invest in the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies for the creation of thousands of high-value products. On-site research, development and testing facilities enable collaborative design, engineering and manufacturing to bring only the best products to market.

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