Bradley’s Navigator® Thermostatic Mixing Valve Offers Two Valves in One

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Bradley Company now combines space-saving access to both tempered water and tepid water with its 2-in-1 Navigator® Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Engineered to deliver safe water temperatures to both commercial faucet applications as well as emergency safety eyewash fixtures, this model provides a complete and efficient single mixing valve solution.

With its innovative combination of two valves in one, the Navigator TMV saves on installation time and conserves space under sinks. During regular faucet use, the TMV delivers tempered water for uses such as handwashing; in an emergency, the valve delivers tepid water to the emergency safety eyewash to meet the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard for the required 15-minute flush.

The Navigator TMV is ASSE 1070 and 1071 Certified, and includes a 3/8″ compression fitting to faucet. A reliable liquid-filled thermostat ensures safe water temperature to the eyewash, and a separate wax filled thermostat delivers safe water temperature to the faucet.

With its built-in safety features, the cold water bypass on the eyewash assures cold flow if hot water fails. Navigator TMV also offers anti-scald protection with positive shutoff of hot supply when cold supply is lost.

Designed for reliable precision, Navigator TMVs deliver accurate temperature control to within ± 3° and features an adjustable set point within temperature range.

Ready for easy direct mounting to walls, all materials are 100% factory assembled and tested.

Bradley Halo Eyewash Solutions

Pair Bradley’s 2-in-1 Navigator TMV with Bradley’s industry leading eyewash solutions. Halo eye and eye/face wash arms users with the most effective emergency relief available. Halo provides 20 percent better protection than any model on the market. With a more uniform and complete spray pattern, and exclusive features that increase hygiene, users attain the greatest contaminant relief and protection available.

Further optimize space in your workspace or laboratory with Bradley’s new combined Halo Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash. This dual design features a gooseneck faucet for regular use, such as handwashing, and a built-in emergency eyewash featuring Halo technology.

Whichever eyewash or faucet model you choose, Bradley is the only manufacturer that can provide a single valve to provide both tepid water and tempered water to faucet/eyewash applications. All other manufacturers require two different valves for the application, which costs more money, time, and space under the sink for these types of applications.

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