Bradley Verge™ L-Series Lavatory

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Bradley Corp., a leader in creating superior hand washing solutions for modern commercial restrooms, introduces the beautifully streamlined VergeTM L-Series Lavatory System, designed exclusively for the most upscale and refined commercial restroom applications. Distinguished by its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, the Verge L-Series features an attractive, molded and completely seamless basin made from Bradley’s durable and sustainable Evero® Natural Quartz surface. Its classic design, complemented by modern curves and lines, evokes a sense of timeless elegance and distinction. The unique basin shape effortlessly funnels water to the drain, minimizing standing water. The L-Series also features an optional 0.38 GPM water-conserving faucet, and comes with an attractive textured stainless steel trap cover to conceal plumbing elements. An extension to Bradley’s original Verge R- and G-Series Lavatories, the L-Series echoes the original line’s sleek and sophisticated look, while further elevating the lavatory’s high-end appearance. All Verge Lavatories are made with Bradley’s exclusive Evero Natural Quartz Material, a resilient natural composite material that’s easily molded into seamless shapes. Evero fuses the elegance of quartz, the luminance of exotic materials, and the eco-friendliness of a bio-based resin. Evero is available in a variety of colors, including the Evero Geo Series, which features 15 beautiful shades inspired by nature, and is made from a blend of bio-based resin, natural quartz, granite, recycled glass and other exotic minerals, containing 25 percent recycled content. Evero is also available in the new Evero Pearl Series, made of a blend of bio-based resin, natural quartz, seashells and recycled glass. The lustrous color palette – Abalone, Akoya, Black Moon, South Sea and Tahitian – is made with 70 percent recycled content.

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