Bradley Corp. commercial line lead free

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The lead free Verge lavatory system.

Menonmonee, Falls — Bradley Corporation announced that all of its standard commercial plumbing products including service parts and kits have received third-party certification as being completely lead-free. While certification is not a requirement of the current lead-free law that went into effect January 2014, this NSF 372 certification demonstrates Bradley’s industry leadership in lead-free compliance. For complete details please see

Navigator TMVs: First to comply with lead-free legislation

Bradley has been an industry leader in complying with lead-free legislation, beginning with its line of Navigator® Lead-Free Valves — the first lead-free thermostatic mixing valve available in the industry. Since 2009, Bradley’s lead-free valves have been fully compliant with lead-free legislation that went into effect in California in 2010 and nationally in January 2014. The Navigator line of TMVs is also certified by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to meet the requirements of CA AB 1953.

“For more than 90 years, Bradley has prided itself on being an industry leader that brings the most innovative products and technologies to market quickly,” says Darnell Wesson, product manager, Bradley. “Making the choice to certify our standard products as completely lead-free is a demonstration of that pioneering leadership and a commitment to our customers for being at the forefront of product enhancements.”

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