Bradford White launches digital campaign to raise heat pump water heater awareness in the Pacific Northwest

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Leading manufacturer equips plumbing and HVAC professionals with essential information so they can meet increasing consumer demand for efficient, reliable solutions

Bradford White Water Heaters, an industry-leading manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial water heating and storage products, announces a new campaign to inform contractors and distributors in the Pacific Northwest about the advantages of energy-efficient heat pump water heaters (HPWH).

The effort, which runs April 1 through June 30 in four states; Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, is a supplement to Hot Water Solutions’ campaign to raise regional consumer awareness of HPWH.

“Bradford White and Hot Water Solutions are creating an opportunity to transform the heat pump water heater market,” said Ryan Kiscaden, senior strategic marketing manager for Bradford White. “While Hot Water Solutions is empowering consumers to identify a HPWH solution that fits their needs, we’re helping contractors continue to satisfy homeowners’ demand for efficiency, reliability and performance with HPWH products.”

The campaign equips plumbing and HVAC professionals to make informed decisions about the HPWH category, including Bradford White’s extensive portfolio of HPWH products, such as the Bradford White ENERGY STAR®-certified AeroTherm® Series, which is available in 50, 65 and 80 gallon capacities.

“This collaboration offers a unique way for contractors to connect with their customers,” Kiscaden said. “HPWH is an increasingly important category in our industry. By providing plumbing and HVAC professionals with comprehensive information in an accessible format, they can work with homeowners to identify the right solution for almost any situation.”

Bradford White’s HPWH education campaign includes print and digital advertising, editorial, social media and a dedicated website at

To learn more about Bradford White’s Aerotherm heat pump water heater, please visit or call (215) 641-9400.

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