Bosch Solar Energy

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Bosch Solar Energy is presenting two new performance-optimized series of modules with innovations which propel average module output to the following values:

  • 260Wp for the silver c-Si M60 modules
  • 255Wp for the black c-Si M60S modules

The use of a new, highly transparent encapsulation film and the new antireflex coating for the front glass ensures higher output. This provides much more exposure to light, enabling peak outputs of up to 270 watts. Initial prototypes with a new cell generation already boasted peak outputs of roughly 300 watts. In addition, innovative cell connectors with a large cross-section reduce series resistance in the new modules and simultaneously ensure greater light utilization, which also increases output. An extended mounting area which now enables vertical and horizontal module mounting with a bearing capacity of up to 5400 Pa provides added installation flexibility. Reliability tests far beyond the requirements of the IEC 61215 and 61730 standards have demonstrated the great durability and long-term sturdiness of Bosch solar modules.

Intelligent storage solution provides households with temporary freedom from the power grid
Bosch Power Tec is presenting the intelligent, integrated VS 5 Hybrid energy management and storage solution as an perfect addition to private photovoltaic systems. The VS 5 Hybrid stores the solar energy generated over the course of the day and makes it available when the sun is down or only shining weakly. It is based on high-performance lithium-ion batteries with a storage capacity of 8.8 to 13.2 kWh. This Bosch storage solution grants users up to 100% independence from the public power grid during the summertime. Moreover, the intelligent energy management increases the proportion of solar power consumed internally in a four-person household from 30 to up to 75 percent or more – without changing the consumption behavior. Bosch Power Tec is also presenting cutting-edge string inverters.


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