Bosch Home Comfort announces two new products at AHR 2024, affirming commitment to sustainability and efficiency

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Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Ultra Cold Climate Heat Pump and GreenTronic 7000T Hybrid Electric Water Heater among Bosch’s latest product offerings in 2024

Bosch Home Comfort (formerly Bosch Thermotechnology) is introducing two products for 2024 – the Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Ultra Cold Climate Heat Pump and GreenTronic 7000 T Hybrid Electric Water Heater – at the 2024 AHR Expo for HVACR industry professionals. Both systems support the industry shift toward electric solutions for home heating, cooling, and hot water.

“Decarbonization is a crucial step toward a healthier planet, and many homeowners are looking for ways to minimize their reliance on finite resources. With the introduction of these new products that we are excited to showcase at AHR 2024, Bosch Home Comfort is continuing to pave the path towards a cleaner energy future. We are driven as a company to continue innovating our technologies and offering solutions for consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort,” says Alexander Wuthnow, president and CEO of the Bosch Home Comfort Group in North America.

Warm Up Efficiently in Frigid Temperatures with Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Ultra

Bosch’s latest heat pump makes energy-efficient home comfort accessible across almost all climate zones in North America. The IDS Ultra is the first Bosch air-to-air heat pump designed specifically for cold climates—even areas that experience sub-zero temperatures. Powered by Bosch inverter technology, the system can heat at 100 percent heating capacity down to an outdoor temperature of 5° Fahrenheit and will continue to initiate heating even down to -13° Fahrenheit.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) confirmed that Bosch’s cold climate heat pump meets the requirements to progress from lab to field testing as part of the Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to advance the technology to allow consumers to make the switch to a cleaner energy future with less carbon emissions.

Anticipated to arrive on the market in late 2024, the IDS Ultra will be available in up to 5-ton capacities and eligible for a variety of state rebates and federal tax credits to support homeowners in their transition to electrified systems.

Additional features include:

  • Highly efficient: up to 19 SEER2 and up to 10 HSPF2 (Region IV), 8.5 HSPF2 (Region V)
  • 24,000 and 55,000 BTU/hr
  • System can be set to communicating or non-communicating depending on site and application needs
  • Accepts utility demand response events directly
  • 10-years Residential Limited Warranty

Blend Efficiency and Comfort with GreenTronic 7000 T Hybrid Electric Water Heater

Bosch’s most efficient water heater to date integrates heat pump technology into an electric storage water heater to meet all hot water needs for the home. The result is the GreenTronic 7000 T–a water heater that boasts 3 to 4 times the efficiency of traditional electric storage water heaters, thereby
lowering running costs. Homeowners could also save up to $2,000 on the cost of their installation thanks to the 25C federal tax credit, with the potential to save more money through local rebates. The unit has four operational modes, is designed to meet Energy Star and NEEA Tier4, and will be offered in 50 and 80 gallon capacities.

Slated to launch in summer 2024, the GreenTronic 7000 T Hybrid Electric Water Heater is an ideal replacement for electric storage units and a great option for new construction as well.

Additional features include:

  • Sleek design
  • Demand response port: Allows more control for utilities (CTA-2045 port).
  • Cools and dehumidifies installation Space
  • Side connections for easier installation
  • 10-years Residential Limited Warranty

Both the IDS Ultra and GreenTronic 7000 T will be on display at AHR 2024 at Bosch Home Comfort’s booth #S8188. For more information about Bosch Home Comfort’s full suite of product offerings, please visit

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