Bosch Heatronic 4000 boiler

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Heatronic4000[1]Bosch Thermotechnology has introduced its Heatronic 4000 commercial boiler control for producing and maintaining a set target temperature in up to four boilers. The Bosch Heatronic 4000 controls and monitors both condensing and non-condensing commercial boilers that have modulating, single-stage, two-stage and dual fuel burners. This BacNet® and Modbus® compatible burner controller allows for a more flexible, cost-effective mixed boiler plant solution, providing better system control, energy efficiency and overall boiler performance.

Specifically designed and configured with commercial and light industrial installers in mind, the control has a Bosch/Buderus boiler menu selector with the entire range of Bosch and Buderus condensing and non-condensing, stainless steel, cast iron and cast aluminum commercial boilers with individual inputs from 215 to 5443MBH.

Using the boiler selector menu reduces programming time as well as set-up and start-up times for any application. Each boiler in the Menu Selector comes with 22 default pre-programmed parameters stored in memory. Parameters include fuel type (gas, oil), burner signal (single-stage, two-stage or modulating), boiler mass (low, med, high), low and high inputs in BTU, and a min-max modulation signal, to name a few.

The Bosch Heatronic 4000 commercial boiler control comes with English and French manuals (for French-speaking Canada), an outdoor sensor and five universal sensors to fit the most common applications.

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