Bosch Experience Center Showcases Energy Efficient, Sustainable Home Solutions

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Londonderry, New Hampshire — Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation will open an educational and interactive demonstration center in partnership with Serenbe, a 1000-acre sustainable community development south of Atlanta, on the morning of May 31.  Visitors to the BOSCH Experience Center will have the opportunity to experience an array of Bosch products and solutions inside this first-of-its-kind Experience Center.

The Center features a functional demonstration of a geothermal heating and cool-ing system (recognized in 2012 and 2013 as “Most Efficient” by ENERGY STAR) as well as a solar thermal system. It also showcases related BOSCH Thermotechnology solutions as well as energy efficient appliances, security and sound sys-tems, power tools, aluminum structural materials and automotive clean diesel technology — all from the Bosch Group.

The award-winning community of Serenbe has chosen to partner with Bosch Thermotechnology to build a sustainable lifestyle with energy efficient home solu-tions. A suite of Bosch smart products work together as an integrated system to provide a complete solution for the best in energy efficiency products while utilizing sustainable and reliable alternative energy sources. The end goal is to show how the combination of energy efficient Bosch products are helping produce a new generation of affordable, sustainable homes that greatly reduce demand and monthly utility costs. Serenbe boasts several Net Zero owned and occupied homes equipped with selected BOSCH Thermotechnology products such as geothermal heat pumps, an electric heat pump water heater, gas condensing boilers and combi boilers, a gas condensing water heater, indirect water tanks and a solar thermal hot water system. 

Tying into the mission statement of Serenbe, the Bosch Experience Center fea-tures a professional-grade kitchen featuring Bosch appliances — winner of the 2012 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award. In this showcase kitchen, organically grown food from the Serenbe community is prepared by world-class chefs for a variety of planned events and educational seminars. In addition, the Bosch solar thermal system installed in the Experience Center heats hot water used at the kitchen tap. The Center is also equipped with a Bosch sound system, delivering audio throughout the facility and a Bosch security system that keeps the facility safe and secure.

According to Jim French, Bosch Thermotechnology Vice President of Wholesale Sales, “We’ve built a suite of smart products that work together as an integrated system and provide a complete solution for those who want the best in energy efficiency, combined with a sustainable, reliable alternative energy source. This powerful portfolio of products seen in the Bosch Experience Center is designed for reliabil-ity – meaning precision engineering and design ensuring years of clean, efficient operation for everyday home comfort needs.”

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