Bosch Control — Smart Room Thermostat

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The Bosch Control - App & ThermostatThe Bosch Control – Smart Room Thermostat allows for precise temperature control from anywhere in the world and can be used remotely with compatible smartphones or tablets. It also comes with its own intuitive app that can be downloaded for free.

The Bosch Control interfaces with compatible Bosch and Buderus condensing boilers and allows the user to control both heating and hot water settings (on/off) for greater energy savings. It employs Energy Management System (EMS) technology that matches the boiler output with user demand. It has been designed to work with residential condensing Bosch Greenstar Series boilers and Buderus GB142 and GB162 boilers.

The Bosch Control programmable room thermostat comes with an integrated temperature sensor and remote boiler control, all in one device, controlled via an easy-to-use touchscreen. The Bosch Control App can show the homeowner the desired scheduled settings as well as the outdoor temperature, current space heating or domestic hot water production status and overall energy consumption, all at a glance.

Up to five mobile devices can be connected to the Bosch Control. Through its presence detection feature, the Smart Control can detect when occupants are at home or away to ensure indoor comfort. When away on vacation, programming for reduced use can be set up by simply entering a start and end date.

The sleek black glass wall-mounted rectangular panel is simple for a professional to install and connects to Bosch or Buderus condensing boilers using standard two-wired connections to the boiler.

Unlike other smart room thermostats on the market, the Bosch Control is the only thermostat of its type that can adjust the flow temperature of the boiler to the minimum level required to enhance condensing operation, yet still maintain the required room comfort level. It can do this in two ways — utilizing demand compensation or weather compensation.

Its weather compensation feature for outdoor reset boosts energy savings even further by using local online weather data or an outdoor sensor connected to the heat source to automatically adjust the home’s heating to the most economical level, increasing the temperature of the boiler output when the weather gets cold, and decreasing it when it warms up again. All this is accomplished with or without a hard-wired sensor on the outside wall of the home.

Through an easy-to-use free App, homeowners can take complete control of their heating and hot water, whether at home, at work or away. The App, which is compatible with Apple IOS or Android 4.0.3 or higher, not only allows remote adjustment of heating and hot water settings but also provides valuable information on gas consumption for both heating and hot water, helping homeowners to manage utility bills and reduce energy usage.

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