BLÜCHER announces drainage solutions webinar

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Spindale, N.C. — BLÜCHER announced an educational webinar, “How Intelligent Drainage Choices Promote Food Safety,” scheduled for February 23 at 2PM EST. Registration is free at Attendees will learn how hygienically designed drainage systems, properly installed and maintained, can significantly mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination for food and beverage processing facilities – all with minimal production downtime.


Floor surfaces pose a significant hygienic challenge to food and beverage processing facilities because they are the area where waste, humidity, and physical stress are most prevalent.  Drainage system components are installed in or below flooring, and it is often assumed that regular cleaning rids them of the types of bacteria that threaten food safety.  Yet despite the well-intentioned efforts of food and beverage companies, contamination outbreaks continue and recalls occur all too frequently.

The topic of the IEEE GlobalSpec-hosted webinar is especially timely, as the food processing industry is facing a food contamination crisis that is damaging brand reputations and costing companies millions in sales and litigation expenses. The webinar explains how specifying engineers and others can address those problems with the right choice of drainage solutions.

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