BJ Terroni hosts Lochinvar training

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Ernie Chase from Lochinvar will be on hand for additional round of trainings. Ernie has been in the field and understands what the technicians needs and what they go through. He has a unique way of educating with a sense of humor that will keep your interest peeked. You will thoroughly enjoy his presentation along with learning all about the “ins and outs” of the installation and servicing of the Lochinvar Knight Boiler. Please join BJ Terroni for this fall event. Ernie will not be back here until sometime next year. Seating is limited to 25 and registration forms are starting to come in to B J Terroni.
Do hesitate to sign up for this event. There will be food and beverages served during both events.
Also, your contractors need to attend one of these events yearly to qualify for the VIP contractor program. This is a program that the contractor receives points toward every Knight Boiler Installation that they can use for various items on the Lochinvar Knight Boiler website and when a home owner is looking for a contractor in their area as a VIP contractor, the contractors company name will appear in the homeowners zip code.

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