Best SEO Link Building Strategies for Contractors

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Promoting your website with the help of link building is just one of many SEO tactics. Being one of the oldest strategies to make your website more visible in search results, it is still one of the effective ways to significantly boost visibility and discoverability. What’s more, there are a lot of different tactics to grow the number of high-quality do-follow backlinks, and in this article, we will discuss the most effective ones.

Why Should You Use a Link Building Strategy?

Link building is a universal strategy that is suitable for promoting a website in any industry. Its essence is simple  – the more websites link back to your site, the more visible and authoritative it becomes in the opinion of Google. Even simpler, high-quality links attract traffic and increase the authority of the site, improving positions in the issue.

Most projects from different industries will not refuse such a result. But what tactic should you follow to get it? To be honest, there is only one link-building strategy that works. You can’t even imagine how simple it is. You need to post something that people want to link to.

What’s more, you don’t have to post huge blog posts or interactive guides to reach as many people as possible. But if you’re at the beginning of your SEO journey, a few tactics will help with link building. Below you will find the top 5 strategies that will be effective in this matter.

Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies for Contractors

What link-building strategies should you focus on to promote your services? Given the specifics of the niche, it is necessary to adapt the strategies that are most effective for your business. Below we will look at 5 strategies that you should definitely pay attention to and make them part of your overall backlink strategy.

1.   Guest Posting

If you are looking for a backlink strategy that will allow you to get high-quality backlinks and an influx of your target audience, then you should definitely consider guest posting. The essence of this strategy is to find a semi-niche partner site that is ready to accept a guest post with a link to your site. The more authoritative the partner site is, the more weight the backlink will provide in the context of the rating.

An important point in the implementation of guest posting is the selection of a relevant platform for cooperation. In this case, quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, it is better to get one high-quality backlink than five links from low-quality platforms. Also, today there are many third-party services and tools for bloggers that allow you to effectively implement this strategy with an emphasis on quality. This saves money and also provides the ability to delegate content creation to a partner site.

2.   Outreach

What is outreach? This is when you reach out to people in your niche (for example, via email, feedback block, or social networks) and present your project to them. You can link to a blog article, landing page, video presentation, or online store.

However, the method works best with useful content. Tell experts, the media, and customers in your industry about the materials they might need. Offer to mention your content where appropriate. At the same time, it is worth focusing on the location, which will work in tandem with local SEO.

3.   Local SEO

Local SEO is something you can’t miss when it comes to delivering physical goods and services. Local SEO is an opportunity to improve brand recognition locally regarding a specific geographic region. The implementation of the local SEO strategy allows you to get the following benefits:

  • Improve online and offline visibility.
  • Provide more traffic, which increases the chances of conversion.
  • Increase the level of trust.
  • Attract potential consumers of goods/services.

To get started with this strategy, it is worth working out the following points:

  1. Use GMB (Google my Business). It comes with the possibility to create free business listings. This factor will be considered when we talk about ranking businesses in organic local search.
  2. Collect customer reviews. Reviews play a key role when we talk about local search and ranking.
  3. Consider local link building. For example, you can use guest posting to collaborate with businesses from the same city or country as you.

Local SEO is a good way to get backlinks while still reaching your target audience. Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity and add local SEO to your overall backlink strategy.

4.   Unique Content

Content can also be an effective tool for getting backlinks in the long run. Wondering how content can bring a backlink? It is enough to add unique data, statistics and research.

First, the use of unique data is one of the indicators of authority. Secondly, other writers can use your data when creating content and linking to your site. In this way, you will get a backlink for your site. At the same time, we are not talking about some incredible arrays of data that you need to process in order to get statistics. Even a few numbers can become a source for backlinks.

By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone. You generate high-quality content and get backlinks, which will increase the level of authority in the eyes of search algorithms. So, there is a need to reboot your content with such data. What’s more, organic backlinks are the most valuable ones so Google appreciates them most.

5.   Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing involves building links through communities and forums. Reddit, Quora, online marketplaces, and social media are good places to promote your site and post mentions. You can also leave useful comments on blogs. This is a good way to get some extra links. This way you can get your content or ideas out to more people. It is possible that your comment will be noticed by the blog owner and will offer cooperation. Your potential consumers can be among the readers as well.

Wrapping Up

Use these strategies to get the backlinks that will help you get your coveted rankings. As you can see, most of them involve not only getting backlinks but also attracting potential customers, so you are welcome to kill two birds with one stone and drive ROI in the long run.

Guest Blogger: Mary Hunter is a successful American freelance lifestyle blogger with advanced writing skills. She had experience in editing, marketing, and her works appeared in different publications and website articles. Her main goal in life is not to set up any goals and keep working every day.

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