Bell & Gossett’s Series e-80SCXL Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump latest product line enhancement

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High-performing e-80SCXL meets competitive industry demands, offers cost and time savings 

In continuation of Xylem’s pledge to sustainability and Building Better, the new Series e-80SCXL pump enhances Bell & Gossett’s e-80SC vertical in-line pump portfolio to deliver best-in-class hydraulic performance with industry-leading efficiencies. Ideal for higher flow and head applications such as hydronic heating and cooling systems, light industrial processes and general service, the e-80SCXL features several seal options and the addition of 10 large in-line pumps. The vertical configuration results in a straightforward installation, while its high-head application offers low operating and maintenance costs.

“The addition of the e-80SCXL to the e-80SC pump family allows us to meet the competitive and growing demands of the industry for more efficient and sustainable solutions,” said Brian Thomas, assistant product manager, Xylem. “In addition to providing efficient pumping across the widest range of operational conditions, the space-saving e-80SCXL features optimized performance improvements and a compact design to improve overall productivity.”

The Series e-80SCXL Pump accepts 60 hz TC-face NEMA Premium motors. Balanced to ANSI Grade 6.3, stainless steel impellers improve sustainable hydraulic performance, resist chemicals and reduce corrosion, providing years of quiet performance and trouble-free service. The mechanical seal bears a compact Rotating Unitized Seal Head design for easy seal removal and replacement. Bellows are pressure supported without creases or folds, extending the life of the seal. The pump also features a positive metal-to-metal drive system reducing torsional stress and optional flange mounting to provide temporary support during installation. Available in 10 new sizes, including: 8×16, 10×13, 10×15, 10×16, 12×11, 12×17, 14×14, 14×16, 14×18 and 18×15 operating at 1800 RPM, 200, 230/460 and 575V, 3 Phase.

All models come standard with the optimyze™ modular condition monitoring solution, sensing system vibrations and temperature to provide predictive maintenance before critical issues occur.

The Series e-80SCXL Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump is currently available in ESP-SystemwizeTM. For additional information or assistance with a quote, please contact your local Bell & Gossett representative at

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