Bell & Gossett unveils line of smart pump systems at AHR Expo 2024

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hydrovar X-enabled series advances sustainability and simplicity with highest efficiencies and tech-forward components

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, is leading innovation in hydronic system solutions with the debut of its hydrovar X-enabled line of smart, connected products designed to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings and reduce complexity in the design process. The pump plus smart motor combinations launched with Bell & Gossett’s e1510 end-suction pump, e-80 vertical in-line pump and TECHNOFORCE™ e-HV packaged booster system at AHR Expo 2024, representing another important step forward in Bell & Gossett’s commitment to Building Better Futures.

“Bell & Gossett recognizes the criticality of reducing the carbon footprint of our built environment and that advancing decarbonization requires designing our new products with sustainability and serviceability in mind,” said Dave Flinton, Xylem vice president of operational excellence. “The new hydrovar X-enabled smart pump solution embodies this commitment to Building Better Futures by combining the inherent efficiency of hydronic systems with industry-leading technologies, all backed by the trusted performance that the Bell & Gossett name is known for.”

As the industry’s first and only system with a modular design that enables independent replacement of motor or drive, the hydrovar X-enabled products all feature a common interface and drive platform for easy commissioning and installation, along with additional features and benefits including:

  • Integrated motor-drive combo featuring quick connect components reduces the complexities, time and resources associated with selecting pumps, motors and drives separately.
  • Built-in application software allows for virtually any configuration of pumps for maximum serviceability and ease of use.
  • The highest efficiency IE5 ultra-premium motors that provide a powerful and compact footprint, saving valuable space within mechanical rooms.
  • Sustainability-forward, market-leading motor technology that doesn’t use rare earth metals.
  • Under typical operating conditions, the e-1510X Smart Pump delivers annual reductions of up to 380 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

The e-1510X and e-80X Smart Pumps, and e-HVX/e-HVXR boosters kick off the new line, with more hydrovar X-enabled products scheduled for future release.

“The modern mechanical room requires intelligent, connected products that can meet evolving commercial building standards and energy-efficient requirements,” Flinton said. “Boasting the highest efficiency and flexibility in the market, the hydrovar X-enabled series of products delivers simplicity, ease of serviceability and most importantly, a sustainable design that supports reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

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