Bell & Gossett TechnoForce XLS

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BG-TechnoForce-XLS-1-257x300Xylem Inc. introduced its Bell & Gossett TechnoForce XLS pump station, helping building owners/operators improve water management, while realizing efficiency and cost savings in commercial, industrial and specialty applications. The TechnoForce XLS enables facility managers to meet a variety of design specifications by providing energy-efficient and reliable control to up eight pumps from a single system solution to meet head and flow requirements of a building. Providing up to 300 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure boosting with vertical multi-stage pumps and stainless steel piping, the system quickly moves water to where it is needed.

The powerful XLS programmable logic controller (PLC) architecture commercializes features normally associated with an industrial PLC controller, including Ethernet, wireless and smart phone access for advanced monitoring and controls. Data trending and energy logging capabilities enable operational adaptability that support critical water, energy and cost savings. The Technoforce XLS also features a flexible design for simplified installation and setup. Customizable alarm notifications and a 5.7-inch color touchscreen interface provide additional operator-friendly features.

Additional features of the TechnoForce XLS system include:
• Duplex, triplex and quadplex arrangements
• Single and three phase
• Generator power mode
• ASHRAE 90.1 sensorless control
• Bell & Gossett’s Technologic indoor and outdoor-rated drives furnished with individually fused disconnect switches and bypass capability
• Common building management system protocols.

The new TechnoForce XLS is compliant with American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Condition Engineers (ASHRAE 90.1) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standards. It is also pending certification by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-61).

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