Bell & Gossett expands wastewater control panel product line with 3DWS/4DWS Series and 4DWC Series

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Enhanced product line provides users with improved process for sizing and selection

As part of Bell & Gossett’s efforts to enhance the customer service experience through simpler, streamlined solutions, the company announced a comprehensive update to its wastewater control panel product portfolio. This update includes 3DWS/4DWS Series Simplex Control Panels, 3DWS/4DWS Series Duplex Control Panels, 4DWC Series Simplex Control Panels and 4DWC Series Duplex Control Panels. By incorporating and standardizing frequently requested features, as well as implementing corresponding part numbers for all products, this enhancement both simplifies the product selection process and meets customer expectations. What’s more, using Bell & Gossett’s pump-to-panel selection chart minimizes the need for custom orders and the risk of incorrect ordering, enabling customers of all experience levels to select the right product.

“We’ve taken a significant step toward simplifying this process for our customers, reflecting our commitment to delivering the best solutions in the industry,” said Joe Steinberg, assistant product line manager, Xylem. “By incorporating sought-after features as standard and offering clear part numbers, we’re making it easier than ever for customers of all experience levels to confidently choose the best product to fit their needs.”

Engineered for wastewater, sewage and dewatering applications, DWS panels are designed for compatibility with Bell & Gossett 3DWS/4DWS pumps, while DWC panels are designed to work with Bell & Gossett 4DWC pumps. The Duplex options offer two-pump alternation and high-demand two-pump operation. All panels are constructed using a heavy-duty polycarbonate indoor/outdoor NEMA 4X panel enclosure with stainless steel lockable latches. The Simplex Panels come equipped with three normally open (N/O) float switches, each with a 50-foot cord, while Duplex Panels include four N/O float switches, also with 50-foot cords.

Both Simplex and Duplex options include a range of standard features, such as visible pump control indicators, a hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch, green pump run lights, red pump fault lights with a reset button, a power-on light, as well as a high-intensity red beacon alarm light, alarm test and silence buttons. All control panels offer remote monitoring options for high liquid, pump run(s) and pump fault(s). Upgraded pump protection includes motor protective switches and thermal cutout with indicators in addition to a seal failure circuit with indicator lights.

3DWS/4DWS Series Simplex Control Panels, 3DWS/4DWS Series Duplex Control Panels, 4DWC Series Simplex Control Panels and 4DWC Series Duplex Control Panels are made in the United States and are available in Xylem Solver. For additional information or assistance with a quote, please contact your local Bell & Gossett representative at

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