Bell & Gossett ecocirc XL

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Lowara 120Featuring an easy-to-use digital interface that provides the user with real-time pump performance information through proactive self-monitoring, the ecocirc XL significantly reduces system downtime for maximum operational efficiency. This intuitive human machine interface (HMI) keeps users informed of key pump settings, such as operating or fault modes, flow control and set point, further decreasing setup and installation time. Additional settings and access to in-depth historical pump data can be obtained through a laptop, or an optional Wi-Fi module and standard Wi-Fi enabled device (i.e., tablet or smartphone). Advanced control options, including Modbus or BACnet access, provide dynamic system management.

“The ecocirc XL makes it easy for our customers to achieve the operational efficiencies and energy savings they need, while improving system performance and keeping building environments comfortable,” said Mark Handzel, vice president, Product Regulatory Affairs and director, HVAC & Commercial Buildings Business Unit, Xylem. “Facility managers, building owners and maintenance personnel are looking for smart solutions that can be easily monitored. The ecocirc XL provides this.”

The ecocirc XL also features an electronically commutated permanent magnet (ECM) motor that enables pump operations to match demand, delivering superior energy efficiency and cost savings. An automatic night setback function turns the pump off when there’s no demand, and essential controls, including proportional or constant pressure control and manual set constant speed, come as standard programming options, further reducing energy consumption and costly utility bills.

Diverse environments including universities and office complexes, airport terminals, manufacturing facilities and other similar buildings can benefit from the ecocirc XL’s broad range of performance characteristics, which reduce the number and types of pumps required for typical building HVAC and plumbing installations. Available in cast iron and lead free bronze, the ecocirc XL meets heating and chilled water requirements in a single pump with an extensive temperature range of 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimized pump hydraulics support operational efficiencies across a broad spectrum of head and flow requirements for commercial HVAC and plumbing applications.

“The ecocirc XL is more than just a pump. It’s total system technology supported by an expert network of Bell & Gossett representatives and our exclusive ESP Plus selection software,” said Handzel. “We want to give our customers world-class service, tools and training to get the most from their experience with the ecocirc XL and Bell & Gossett.”

Effective system sizing and selection to realize even greater system efficiencies can be accomplished through Bell & Gossett ESP-System Syzer® software or the mobile application for smartphones.

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