Jay Egg

This is the first in a multi-part series on the history of geothermal heating and cooling in the United States and beyond. It focuses on the efforts of two men: Dan Ellis and David Hatherton, the latter having trademarked the WaterFurnace name back in 1981 in Ontario, Canada. David Hatherton is the son of a Read more

Many government jurisdictions have impressive goals set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.  What if the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from commercial buildings had a correlation to the reduction of Legionella outbreaks? In New York, the new goal is to be 100% Carbon Neutral by 2040.  ConEd has issued a gas moratorium as of Read more

I often think of a hydronic systems as a living and breathing thing, like a human body.  The hydronic system carries BTUs to the extremities of the building, like a body’s circulatory system, and the circulator pumps are the heart. We have been told that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body, using Read more

As I was finishing up an 18-month consulting project, I took the opportunity to visit the basement boiler room. The room sits cold now with two huge boilers that have been replaced by a modern state-of-the-art distributed geothermal heat pump system. In my mind, I could see the boiler fired and operating, providing heat for Read more

I recently hosted an official from the Philippines on a tour of some geothermal projects in Florida. The Philippines have new leadership, and President Duterte is tough on a lot of things, and going green is on his agenda.  As it turns out, they’re building a new green city near the Clark international Airport, outside Read more