Dan Holohan

New York stupid

Years ago, I flew to Denver to visit a guy who had heard that I like steam heating a lot but he still thought I was stupid.  We’d never met but we’d talked on the phone and he was convinced I was just plain wrong. Nice way to begin a relationship, isn’t it? He had Read more

100 Reasons

There was a day years ago when I posted a challenge on The Wall at HeatingHelp.com.  I asked the contractors who visit there just about every day to give me 100 reasons why folks should do business with them. Why them and not the other guy? What makes them so special? Most of the posters Read more

Hydronic Hor d'oeuvres

  Why closely spaced tees? Primary-secondary piping systems call for the tees that go off to the secondary circuit to be close together, ideally not more than six inches apart. Think like water and you’ll see why this is. Flow down the primary main and imagine you’re entering that first tee. You have two choices Read more

Room for Two

The Radiant Professionals Alliance, which was once the Radiant Panel Association, mysteriously left the stage for a while and then came dancing back as a part of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials group. Around the same time, Air Conditioning Contractors of America kicked off its Radiant Hydronics Council, the purpose of which Read more