ASPE and WQA Partner

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Chicago — The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) and the Water Quality Association (WQA) have signed an agreement to promote and advance three WQA standards for recognition as consensus American National Standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

WQA/ASPE 1201: Electrochemical Drinking Water Treatment Systems
WQA/ASPE S802: Product Sustainability for Activated Carbon
WQA/ASPE S803: Product Sustainability for Activated Carbon Water Filtration Systems

By combining their individual strengths, WQA and ASPE wish to advance the professions of water treatment and plumbing engineering, while assisting in improving the safety and well-being of the public on a global scale.

WQA identified ASPE, an ANSI-accredited standards development organization (SDO), as an ideal sponsor to facilitate the adoption of these standards as American National Standards due to ASPE’s experience in developing consensus standards and its relationships within all sectors of the plumbing community, including the model code bodies. As sponsor, ASPE will be responsible for advancing the standards for adoption by ANSI and maintaining the standards according to ANSI accreditation procedures. WQA will provide technical support in the standards development process and recruit WQA members to volunteer for ASPE’s standards-related committees.

“Much like the plumbing and water treatment systems inside a building, the members that ASPE and WQA represent are interconnected,” states Tom Palkon, WQA Vice President & Chief Operations Officer. “We believe that this agreement with ASPE will lead to a strong ongoing partnership between our organizations, and we are excited about the prospects of what we can accomplish together.”

In addition to these standards, the organizations plan to collaborate on other projects, including the promotion of sustainable water treatment solutions, the development of new joint WQA/ASPE standards related to water treatment and plumbing engineering, and the creation of mutually beneficial educational and professional certification programs.

“When we first heard about this opportunity to partner with WQA on standards-related projects, I immediately considered ASPE a perfect fit, due to both organizations’ independence and experience in professional education, standards development, and certification,” says ASPE Executive Director/CEO Jim Kendzel, MPH, CAE. “WQA’s expertise in water treatment will help ASPE expand our scope of offerings to the plumbing community, ultimately benefitting both organizations through increased exposure and market share.”

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