Armstrong’s Planet Proposition

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TORONTO… November 21, 2013 — Since its founding in 1934, Armstrong Fluid Technology has been a champion of environmental responsibility. Armstrong is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and advancing environmental responsibility and innovation. Proof of that commitment is visible in the wide range of initiatives the company has put in place in recent years, ranging from implementation of industry-leading sustainability practices at its seven manufacturing facilities around the world to the recently announced Sustainability Dashboard.


With that carbon reduction commitment in mind, the company has created a Planet Proposition initiative that describes to its customers and employees how environmental stewardship is ingrained in the Armstrong business. The four main pillars of the Planet Proposition are:

  • Designing, promoting and applying the most energy-efficient fluid flow solutions.
  • Applying stringent environmental and health and safety standards and improvement metrics to Armstrong’s operations.
  • Pursuing projects that integrate renewables and pave the way to net-zero carbon buildings.
  • Educating and supporting the Armstrong Community to make environmentally-friendly choices at work and at home.


One of the cornerstones of Armstrong’s Planet Proposition is its unique Design Envelope technology, which was created to provide the greenest, most cost-effective and most flexible building mechanical solutions on the planet. Design Envelope technology integrates the latest selection, control and hydronic tools into heat-transfer solutions that naturally accommodate changes in building design and demand to ensure that system performance is at an optimum at any given time.


“We believe it is critically important for everyone to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong Fluid Technology. “In addition to helping our customers worldwide significantly reduce their energy consumption, our internal initiatives are designed to improve the environmental performance of Armstrong facilities, not only in energy usage but also in water consumption, indoor air and lighting quality, paper usage, recycling of resources, landscaping and certifications.”

About Armstrong Fluid Technology

With more than 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a leader and innovator in design, engineering and manufacturing of integrated solutions within the building oriented fluid-flow equipment industry. Armstrong products are internationally recognized for design innovation, quality, long service life, and superior operating economy. For more information about Armstrong Fluid Technology visit

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