Aquatherm Releases 4-inch Blue Pipe®

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Aquatherm continues to expand its ecofriendly reach with the arrival of its newest product: 4-in. Aquatherm Blue Pipe® SDR 17.6 faser-composite. This new offering allows for more cost effective installation and increased efficiency in applications such as chilled water, geothermal, and condenser water, among others. Aquatherm Blue Pipe SDR 17.6 was initially introduced in 6-in. to 24-in.-diameter. However, Aquatherm responded to customer demand for this smaller diameter pipe for water mains applications and similar installations. Standard dimension ratio (SDR) is the ratio of pipe diameter to wall thickness. Aquatherm manufactures pipe in SDRs of 7.4, 11 and 17.6. The SDR 17.6 pipe delivers roughly a 20% higher flow volume than SDR 11 at a lower cost and reduces pipe weight by 35%. All Aquatherm polypropylene pipe (PP-R) systems are connected via heat fusion – which bonds pipe and fitting at a molecular level, creating a connection that lasts a lifetime and eliminates toxic materials, glues, resins, and open flames from piping installations. The faser-composite layer is Aquatherm’s proprietary blend of fiberglass and PP-R, which allows the pipe to remain rigid at higher temperatures and helps to limit expansion and contraction.

Aquatherm  4-in SDR 1.6

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