Aquatherm Greenpipe available up to 18 inches

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Aquatherm Greenpipe® is a recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping system designed specifically for potable water applications and proven around the world for nearly 40 years. Now this highly engineered pipe system is available in sizes up to 18 inches in diameter, and is ideal for water mains and high rise buildings. The new 18-inch Greenpipe features a standard dimension ratio 11 (SDR 11) wall thickness, which is capable of delivering 4,000-6,000 gallons per minute and provides a balance of strength and flow rate. Greenpipe can be directly buried in soil, sand, concrete and rock, as well as other materials. Aquatherm’s natural R-value of 1 – or more depending on pipe size and SDR – also delivers potential savings in terms of  insulation and energy loss. All Aquatherm systems are connected via heat fusion – which creates monolithic connections that last a lifetime and eliminate toxic materials, glues and resins, and open flames from piping installations. Aquatherm’s Greenpipe, Climatherm (HVAC) and Lilac (reclaimed water) possess extensive code approvals.

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