AmStan design VP to talk 3D printing

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Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, vice president of design at American Standard Brands, will present insights on the impact of 3D printing on the design industry on October 16, 2015 at the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library.

Piscataway, N.J. ― American Standard Brands Vice President of Design Jean-Jacques L’Henaff will present the future of 3D printing and its implications for the interior design industry, as a guest speaker at the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library.

The talk on October 16, 2015 will focus on 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, and its impact on the design and construction industry. It will be held in the Hadley Court Center for Design Collaboration at the Library.

L’Henaff led the industrial design team at American Standard that innovated operational metal faucets printed via the 3D process. He will review the unconventional design and manufacturing processes that were required to produce these unique faucet creations.

His talk will conclude with inspiring insights on how 3D printing will affect the work of designers and manufacturers in the future, elevating the importance of creativity, while creating efficient markets for bespoke luxury. L’Henaff’s presentation will be taped and compiled into a video to be viewable on the Library’s website in the future. “We are thrilled that the Library will be able to capture Jean-Jacques’ valuable insights, and share them with the thousands of design students and professionals who know the Library as a treasured resource,” said Russell Bienenstock, president of the Library board.

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