American Standard Water Heaters Hybrid Heat Pump Featured on Military Makeover 

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American Standard Water Heaters’ innovative Hybrd Heat Pump water heater was featured in a recent episode of Military Makeover airing on Lifetime TV.

The renovation of a home in Arlington, Texas included a new 50-gallon hybrid heat pump water heater. It replaced a similar size electric unit but offers more efficiency, built-in leak detection, Wi-Fi capability and other features that make it an important component to the renovation. Military Makeover features co-hosts Montel Williams and Art Edmonds.

The “Big Reveal” in the renovation of the home of Carlos Colón-Ruiz aired on Friday, Dec. 1 and included the segment on the hybrid heat pump water heater. The final episode of the series with Colón-Ruiz aired on Friday, Dec. 8. It will also re-air on Thursday, Dec. 14.

Joshua Goncalves, Product Marketing Manager for Ariston Group, outlined to Edmonds the features of the Hybrid Heat Pump water heater in the penultimate episode of the five-part series. “These are up to 400 percent efficient, his old tank was maybe 90 percent efficient, so they should see some serious money savings by going to this technology,’’ Goncalves said.

Ruiz, an Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan, received the Purple Heart from President George W. Bush after he suffered injuries that included loss of sight in one eye, hearing impairment, loss of two fingers and two paralyzed fingers.

As part of the renovations, workers installed modern landscaping and pavers, several safes and delivered new furniture. Colón-Ruiz and his family were also treated to a fishing trip.

American Standard Water Heaters Hybrid Heat Pump water heater is a new trend in residential hot water delivery. Hybrid heat pump water heaters take heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to water in an enclosed tank. During period of high hot water demand, the pumps switch to standard electric resistance heat.

The American Standard Water Heaters Hybrid Heat Pump water heater includes a 10-year limited warranty, an i-Memory self-learning habit algorithm, and is Energy Star listed and AHRI certified. It is available in 50, 65 and 80 gallon capacities.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with Military Makeover on this project,’’ Goncalves said. “Mr. Colón-Ruiz should see consistent hot water and a significantly reduced energy bill thanks to the Hybrid Heat Pump water heater.”

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