American Aldes, Aldes Canada Rebrand as Aldes North America

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Global manufacturer of airflow controls to heat and energy recovery ventilation systems is unifying under one brand in 2020.

Bradenton, Fla. — An industry leader of ventilation products and systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and numerous other commercial applications, Aldes, announced it is combining American Aldes and Aldes Canada under one cohesive brand, effective Jan. 1, 2020. The combined brands, now known as Aldes North America, will open the market in Canada for top-of-the-line automatic airflow controls and continue to offer advanced heat and energy recovery ventilators to all North American customers.

“The launching of one cohesive brand in North America will enable us to build and expand on the expertise that both the U.S. and Canadian organizations bring to the marketplace to create a stronger and more unified team,” said John Harrell, president of Aldes North America. “It’s really an opportunity for advancement, and we look forward to seeing it carry Aldes into our next chapter of growth.”

With the rebranding, Aldes North America will combine its U.S. and Canadian resources, increasing the company’s operational efficiencies, streamlining customer service and provide a sustainable competitive advantage with innovative products and services. Through this transformation, Aldes’s growth is projected to triple by 2025.

For now, however, stakeholders can expect seamless changes and updates as the rebranding process unfolds, and Aldes North America will work closely with current customers and employees to ensure a smooth transition process.

“The primary reason behind every decision we make is, ultimately, to better our customer experience, and this transformation of the Aldes North America brand is no exception,” Harrell said. “This will allow for a broader selection of ventilation solutions and an even higher quality level of service. We want our partners to know how valued they are and how serious we are about always finding ways to improve their journey with us.”

Aldes North America specializes in manufacturing and distributing ventilation systems and components for residential and commercial markets, such as airflow balancing components, residential in-line fans and patented demand control terminal devices for commercial applications. The company also serves as an industry leader in both residential and commercial air-to-air heat and energy recovery solutions.

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