Always Be Ready For Construction Site Thieves

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Your ability to manage a project effectively is going to be largely dictated by how you handle risk. We look at risks like fire, health and safety, and maintaining equipment often. But how often do you look at the very real risk of someone trying to steal your assets and equipment from your construction site? Here, we’re going to look at a few solutions and the different ways in which they can address the problem of crime.

Control access to the site

Theft can be done by both people inside and outside the team. If things do go missing, you can narrow your list of suspects by making sure that everyone has to sign in and out not only when they visit the site, but also when they access the storeroom or any vehicles. It can help you keep everyone accountable and prevent unauthorized access

Secure your storage

The proper placement of both your perimeter and items is crucial. It’s never a good idea to place your assets, such as tools, materials, and equipment near the perimeter of the site, as it simply makes them easier to move off-site. You may also want to look at services like this site that can help you establish secure storage locations that thieves cannot easily break into.

Monitor and assess

The right monitoring camera systems can provide a lot of security benefits for the site. Look at their website to find the right systems for you, which can help you not only monitor your site both over past footage and live feeds but also provide a deterrent. People are a lot less likely to try and break into a site when they can see operational cameras looking directly at them, capturing evidence of their crimes that could lead to an arrest.

Make it hard for them

As CCTV systems can be an effective deterrent for would-be criminals, there are also other ways to deter them. One of the best ways is to make it less likely that they are able to sneak in and out undetected. A good way to do this is to make sure that any of your high-value equipment is parked under bright lighting fixtures that make anyone near them much more visible.

Consider some help

If you have a lot of truly expensive equipment, materials, and other assets on-site, then it may not be wise to leave it entirely unmanned even overnight. As such, you may want to look at the website of security guard providers that can make sure someone is always there to keep an eye on the site. As such, if an incident does happen, they can call for support and report to the police and to you as soon as possible to better manage it.

You can never tell how likely it is that thieves will tackle your site, so you should invest in security to the degree of how much you stand to lose. A site that is host to a wide range of expensive pieces of machinery should not be left unguarded.

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