Alkaline Drinking Water Treatment Solutions

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Alkaline water is believed by many to help in neutralizing acids in the body. For this reason, many consumers buy alkaline bottled water. But constantly having to buy bottled water is something that takes a toll on one’s budget as well as contributes to plastic waste. In trying to avoid plastic there is the option to switch to alkaline water filters. Finding the best alkaline water pitcher or best water ionizer also provides a highly convenient way to make your own alkaline water at home. There are many other options to choose from as well, some systems more complex than others.

Alkaline Water Pitcher

Water pitchers are famously very easy to use and maintain and some of them come with the added convenience of making alkaline water. The EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher is one such model and it drastically improves the water’s taste. Easy to install and take apart when cleaning is required, the pitcher is a highly versatile tool and can help in balancing pH levels in the body.

These types of filtering systems use cartridge mediums through which water is passed to be purified. These cartridges are changed after some time of use and thus a new fresh filtration process can begin. The jug itself is made with plastic which adds to the convenient budget-friendly product. Other more premium pitchers are made from steel or glass, making them more durable and elegant.

Alkaline Water Machine

Another way to produce alkaline water is by making use of an alkaline water machine. This device is installed on the counter in connection with a standard tap faucet. This little machine is easy to install, takes only about 10 minutes, and stands on the counter close to the faucet. Its interface offers enough control to swiftly and easily adjust the level of alkalinity.

Such a device can go through almost 4000 liters of water which would amount to a year’s water usage. Not only will it help in ditching bottled water but it also looks quite stylish on the counter. With natural antioxidants and better hydration, this device is well worth the price tag.

Countertop Alkaline Water Dispenser

In the same vein as a water pitcher, a water dispenser works almost the same, with the benefit of a larger tank and dispenser valve. The Invigorated Water pH Recharge 1F Alkaline Water Filter is one example of this type of countertop dispenser and can filter somewhere close to 96 gallons of water with one cartridge.

Made with high-quality material, BPA free, and with all necessary safety tests in place. For such a large filtering capacity this countertop alkaline filter can easily fit both on the counter and in the fridge. This can be highly convenient if connecting to the faucet is not desired or if chill water from the fridge is a must.

Alkaline Water Sticks

An alloy steel tube filled with maifan stones acts as the purified medium to clean and remineralize the water. Perfect for people wishing to ditch bulky water filters in favor of small portable water filtering methods. EHM Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick is one such device that can filter 90 liters per stick.

This kind of tool is usually popular with outdoor enthusiasts that wish to have a convenient and portable filtering system on the go. The alkaline method by which this tool functions is another reason why it is often sought out.

Reverse Osmosis with Alkaline Integration

Reverse osmosis systems are considered the goliath of water filtration and with alkaline integration, it is even more attractive. Not only is it capable of removing chlorine, heavy metals, lead, and many other harmful materials but it also has a remineralization stage that balances water alkalinity.

A more complex system that requires far more extensive installation than a simple countertop, an RO system can be highly efficient. With a pressure tank and not requiring electricity to work, an RO system brings good quality filtered water that only gets better once it passes through the alkaline stage.

Concluding Thoughts

Water filtration has become an increasing commodity in many modern households. With the advent of technologies many consumers also implement alkalinity devices into their water filtration. Buying bottled alkaline water is not always the best solution and the advantage comes from the many available home devices that do the same job.

Most easy to use are water filter pitchers. More costly are alkaline water machines which usually come in form of countertop water filters. Reverse osmosis systems integrating alkalinization or mineralization remove the most contaminants.

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