A. O. Smith’s common vent option for Cyclone

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Ashland City, Tenn. – Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith is breaking ground in the commercial water heater marketplace with an offering that’s not a water heater.

A. O. Smith’s new Cyclone® Mxi Common Venting Kit—an industry exclusive–allows contractors to easily connect two commercial gas Cyclone Mxi water heaters with shared external venting, which reduces — by half — the number of wall penetrations needed for an installation. Kits are available for use with both PVC and Polypropylene venting systems.

Popular for commercial installations such as restaurants and hotels, the modulating Cyclone Mxi is often paired with a second unit in high-demand applications to increase capacity, according to David Chisolm, vice president of marketing for A. O. Smith.

“Our goal in developing the Cyclone Common Vent Kits was to give contractors a flexible, ready-to-install tool that is easy to work with and can help them be more efficient on the job,” Chisolm said. “For contractors, fewer wall cuts are always better; and for business owners, the vent kit decreases installation costs and is more visually appealing because the number of vent pipes coming out of the building is reduced by half.”

The vent kits are certified for use with all Cyclone Mxi tank sizes and require no power source. According to A. O. Smith, Cyclone Mxi users should see no difference in their unit’s performance.

For more information about A. O. Smith and the commercial Cyclone Mxi, visit www.hotwater.com.

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