A.O. Smith Vertex 100 Power Direct Vent

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AOS Front Vertex 75-GallonA. O. Smith (www.hotwater.com) announced the launch of its newest high-efficiency residential water heater, the Vertex™ 100 Power Direct Vent 75-Gallon Gas Water Heater.

An extension of the state-of-the-art Vertex™ line, the 75-gallon version is an ENERGY STAR® qualified product and boasts up to 96 percent thermal efficiency, which helps consumers save money as well as helps the planet.

“When we first introduced the Vertex line, A. O. Smith raised the bar for performance, efficiency and ease of installation for gas water heaters,” said David Chisolm, vice president of marketing. “With the addition of the 75-gallon Vertex, the best gas water heater on the market gets better. This Vertex gives homeowners even more of what they want most out of their water heater: plenty of hot water when they need it and a high-efficiency design that reduces their energy costs and protects the environment. Vertex is able to provide these key benefits for homeowners all while giving our contractors the flexibility they need for a simple installation.”

Through a blend of industry-leading innovation and expertise, the Vertex family of water heaters, including the 75-gallon tank, provides a long-lasting, energy-efficient supply of hot water, a user-friendly electronic interface and easy installation options thanks to its power direct vent to power vent convertibility.

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